Client Reviews *As Seen On The Knot & Wedding Wire*

posted 12/15/2019 by Ashley C

We  just got married this past Saturday and thought we could handle  everything on our own. We were about a week out and there was still so  much to do so we looked for a last minute coordinator. Jennifer was  immediately happy to assist us and get as much information about our  wedding as possible to begin planning for the day of. She made sure  everything went smoothly and that everything was where it was supposed  to be. When we couldn’t find the photographers for a little while she  even stepped in and recorded video and took pictures for us so we  wouldn’t miss any moments. She was great.

posted 12/09/2019 by Allison N

Jennifer was incredible!  Like some other reviewers, we didn't  originally plan on hiring a Day of Coordinator but it was required for  our venue, so we quickly booked Jennifer.  Being on this side of it, I  don't know how we would have gotten through the last few weeks without  her.  She helped keep us organized and on track, and was incredibly  patient the day of when small things came up (as they always do!)   Jennifer's calm and reassuring nature, as well as her experience in  managing all the small details, helped me and my partner enjoy and our  day without having to worry about the next thing.  We're incredibly  grateful for Jennifer's services and can't recommend her enough. 

posted 11/17/2019 by Shealynn C

A Jennifer did a great job organizing and keeping our wedding on track on  the big day! She did such a wonderful job setting everything up and  ensuring we had everything we needed beforehand and the night of. We  couldn't have made it by that day without her, and would highly  recommend her services to brides needing someone to assist them the  month before and day of their wedding! 

posted 06/05/2019 by Jodi I

 I originally intended on doing all of the planning myself.  Our Venue  required a "Day of Coordinator". I am SO grateful they did! If you are  searching for a wedding coordinator-stop your search and call ATX  Wedding Planners! I honestly don't know what we would have done without  them. 

posted 06/05/2019 by Kaylie K

Our Wedding was fun and GORGEOUS! Our experience was so calm and we were  really listened to and made to feel at ease the entire day. The flow of  the evening was perfect and went exactly according to our predesigned  timeline. 

posted 06/05/2019 by Valerie N

 I would give ATX Wedding Planners 10 stars if I could! My Coordinator  was calm nd gave me expert advice and recommendations on Vendors. Incredible service and amazingly affordable! 

posted 04/15/2019 by Kate K

Jenn did an awesome job for us and our wedding.  We brought her on SUPER  last minute (about a month before our wedding), and she got up to speed  within just a few days of our signing the contract, and also got us on  track on the items and tasks where we were terribly behind (and had no  idea we were until we talked with her)!    It poured down rain on our wedding day and as a result, so many things  ended up going wrong/needing to be redone, and Jenn handled everything  like a champ, including my various meltdowns and freak outs!  She's on  top of everything, patient and experienced.  We can't recommend her enough, and she's affordable to boot!  Hire her,  you won't be sorry! 

posted 01/23/2019 by Sarah M

 ATX Wedding Planners did a super job on our daughter's wedding. Jenn was  on point with everything our daughter wanted and found less expensive  ways to do things when the budget got tight. She is calm in the face of  mounting wedding nerves and very organized. I highly recommend Jenn if  you’re looking for a wedding coordinator. 

posted 01/23/2019 by Douglas J

 I called and met with half a dozen coordinators to make our decision. Save yourself some time and just call Jenn!!! Her fees are extremely reasonable compared to other coordinators. 

Lacy Hammons , Married on 11/10/2019

 I’m so glad we hired Jennifer! She was SO on top of everything! We hired  her for month of services. As with all weddings there were some snags  and hitches and she smoothed everything out beautifully. It was so great  having someone professional to trust.  

Jessica Still Kincaid , Married on 06/21/2019

 Amazing!! Our wedding went off without a hitch - or at least as far as  I’m aware of - which is how it should be! Highly recommend!                                           

Loretta , Married on 05/04/2019

 Good person to work with. She is dependable, on time, and a friendly person and easy to talk too  


 Jenn helped us plan a wedding when we had no idea what we were doing.  She helped us pick out vendors in the area and in our budget, and told  us where to be and when to be there!

When I say I was clueless, I really mean it! She helped so much with the  little details I would have never thought of, and helped our big day  run so smoothly!  

Stacey Swarski , Married on 11/03/2018

 ATX Wedding Planners were amazing to work with. They were responsive, organized, and thoughtful. Highly recommend. 

Kiah Wilson , Married on 08/04/2018

 Jen was so great to work with the day of and leading up to our big day.  Everything was detailed and the entire day was smooth sailing and best  of all no stress or worries. I will absolutely tell everyone I know who  is getting married to call her!                                         

Jackie , Married on 12/02/2014

 No problems, only solutions provided by this wedding planner. Opted for  day of coordination only but planner was extremely helpful, polite and  professional. Heather did exactly what we expected of her and helped us  coordinate a wedding with 170 guests.